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The main inspiration for the purchase of the cottage was through its previous owner, Frank Russell, who created in his 15 years of ownership, a magical home and garden much of which has been retained today. He kindly loaned a few of his works for display in the cottage for guests to enjoy, which includes a lovely West Cork landscape featured below.

Other works are a varied collection of amateur and more professional compositions purchased with the cottage in mind over the last few years. These do not include, as yet, any from family members who include various artists and designers - we are expecting some donations to come through this year!

We have included information on each artist where we have details, in case you are interested in their work. We are not, however, in any way representing them in an official capacity at all.



Frank Russell
‘West Cork’
Watercolour, c. 1995

Frank kindly donated this work to us for display at the cottage, having previously been exhibited at the Cork Vision Centre, a gallery space located in the city centre and venue to a variety of exhibitions.  Frank sadly passed away in July 2009, having left his beloved cottage and Ireland a few years beforehand to return home to Washington DC.  


J P Rooney
‘Awaiting the Catch’
Oil, c. 2006

From the artist’s Dark Sky series, this painting depicts life at the close of the day in a western fishing village, very typical of this Irish artist’s work.


Timothy Gent
‘Beached Boats at Lytham’
Oil, c. 2007

Inspired by a view along the beach towards Lytham St Annes in Lancashire, England, this painting intends to express the wonderful sense of light and atmosphere of the beach, sculpted by the Irish sea and the elements.


Jayne Daley
‘Cattle at Sea’

Jayne Daley lives in Monea, Enniskillen. A member of Ardess Art Society, Jayne is captivated by the intensity of light and colour in Ireland and is influenced by both the landscape and the people around her.



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